Custom Made Fashions

Custom made fashions are one of many things that sets House of Fashions apart from other stores. A custom gown, dress, suit or stylish outfit is one of a kind. If you want to make a statement, or just have always envisioned something that you have never been able to find in person, then a custom style is what you are looking for. Have a dress 'made for you'. You don't have to worry about someone else having the same exact thing, and having it tailored to fit your body, makes all the difference. With over 40 years of experience in sewing, Melissa Hays treats every item she makes as if it were her own.

If alterations are needed, please schedule an appointment to ensure that the seamstress is available at that time.

To learn more about ordering a custom style, prom, bridal, or evening gown, give us a call at 304-672-5490 or email us!

Here are some examples of our work!

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You may also learn more by giving us a call at 304-672-5490!

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